English Department

At Colegio de la Academia, we start working students from elementary until they reach High School.We look for them to hold the closest to a bilingual enviroment. Teachers are to keep students using English at all times while in school premises. This helps keep them with an ability to hold both languages as their natural form of communication.

Our intention is to have students acquire and get used to the most spoken languages around the world. English provides different opportunities, such as easier understanding of news, books and online Access. This also leads to more working options, as well as academical ones.

Being Bilingual, the school tries to ensure the option of allowing students for international Academical options, such as applying for Universities outside of Guatemala. Our goal is to have students be able to complete the reknowed TOELF test, which the market holds as the most reliable evaluation for people outside of countries that don’t hold Englisj as the oficial language.


We want your children to grow with the best tolos and have them as habits that become part of their way of life.